On demand tender service

Our on demand tendering services team will design a competitive tendering process ensuring your individual needs are met, whilst making sure that tenders comply with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). Giving you peace of mind for the duration of the contract.

Tenet have a nationwide service, comprehensive professional indemnity insurance and contingency plans to cover any unplanned leave within our team. We are here to support you through what can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Our team will visit you throughout the process to give you the opportunity to have detailed face-to-face discussions on the specification, evaluation and of course the final decision. Our team will manage the full process for you and will be based off-site so you can continue with your normal duties without needing to manage these extra tasks.

Tenet use bespoke e-tendering software called Tenet Sourcing Cloud. It’s web-based and allows for multiple users to work on your project at one time. Your main point of contact who will be the project lead will take ultimate responsibility for the smooth delivery. E-tendering became a mandatory requirement during 2018 and using Tenet’s services means you don’t need to invest in the required software. You can purchase Tenet’s software if you wish without using Tenet’s tendering services, more information can be found at tenet.sourcingcloud.com.

Our expertise

Our team completes over 300 tenders for our customers each year across a wide range of products and services​​

Contract management

The completion of a tender process is the first stage to gaining value for money from your contract. The next is to ensure you contract manage your chosen supplier’s service throughout the duration of the contract.

Tenet offer a selection of contract management services which will be designed to meet your needs and your budget, including:

  • Producing a contracts database to collate all contract data
  • Monitoring key dates and prompting key dates for reviews, renewals and retender starts
  • Supporting contract reviews which includes off-site support which identifies key elements of the service levels to make sure you have all the information you need for your meetings
  • Supporting on-site contract reviews by attending meetings in addition to service in the off-site support option
  • Providing a fully managed service which is fully inclusive of all of the services in the above list

Tendering support

Should your organisation wish to run a tender process in-house but would benefit from some support or mentoring during the process we can help. Tenet will design a support package that will help you to fill any knowledge gaps or time limitations you have.

We can:

  • Draft tender documents and specifications
  • Manage suppliers
  • Support with evaluations
  • Support at clarification meetings
  • Draft supplier feedback letters
  • Draft and publish award notices
  • Draft and publish Regulation 84 reports

Tenet will support you with a complete and solid tendering service which will deliver value for money for the entire contract.


Tenet have completed collaborative tenders for many years and we are a leading collaboration specialist. Our team has managed and co-ordinated multiple projects and we have a strong depth of knowledge so you can appoint Tenet with confidence. We would welcome the opportunity to present to your senior team on all the benefits of collaborative procurement.

Tenet have delivered successful projects time and time again across all products and services, from desktop PC’s to cleaning services and from planned preventative maintenance contracts to outsourced catering services.

Our collaboration process ensures participating organisations retain their independence whilst enjoying the benefits and discounts of group purchasing. You will be able to share ideas with other organisations which in itself can help improve specifications and potentially reduce costs.

Tenet’s on demand tender service includes:

  • Access to a nationwide team who have extensive knowledge across a broad range of expense codes and the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015)
  • A team with capacity for contingency plans if there is any unplanned leave, so potential impact on your project delivery is avoided
  • Procurement services that are covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance
  • Web-based e-tendering software which is used on all projects and is fully compliant PCR 2015
  • A tailored support package for your needs
  • The services of a collaboration specialist with extensive knowledge of public sector needs such as individual requirements, independence and cost reduction
  • Low cost contract monitoring support packages which ensure value is achieved following Tenet’s appointment.

We support both public and private sector organisations, contact us to arrange a free procurement 1 to 1.