National Public Sector Frameworks

Our range of national public-sector frameworks are fully EU compliant and are contract managed by procurement professionals.

Our Frameworks

What is a Framework?

A purchasing framework is an ‘umbrella agreement’ that sets out the terms (particularly relating to price and quality) under which individual purchases (call-offs) can be made throughout the period of the agreement. Compliance with EU regulations is a consideration when the cumulative value of the purchases is likely to exceed a financial threshold set by the EU.

The main benefits of using a framework are:

  1. The panel of suppliers has already been vetted and approved, so the organisation can be assured of the supplier’s quality and capabilities.
  2. Every supplier has had to go through an EU-compliant competitive process in order to be appointed to the panel, ensuring that prices are as keen as possible.
  3. Where a panel has more than one supplier, the suppliers are engaged in constant and repeated competition for business throughout the life of the framework, which tends to keep them engaged.
  4. Tenet makes the buying process for each framework as straightforward as possible.
  5. The framework consolidates the purchasing power of lots of individual organisations, resulting in better prices and service.
  6. The organisation can rely upon Tenet’s advice, expertise and collective muscle when it experiences problems with suppliers.