Outsourced ICT

Why buy from the National Public Sector Framework?

This framework is an education-focused route to market for outsourcing your managed ICT services.

Suppliers on the framework include a range of local and national managed service providers (MSPs) who have a breadth of knowledge, experience and skills. The MSPs are skilled in utilising systems, communication, flexibility and innovation in order to provide a high-quality outsourced ICT service. The service will be carefully managed through a close provider/client relationship.

You can also use the independent consultancy framework lot to gain an objective recommendation on ICT service systems, processes and policies. Through the appointment of a consultant, your institution may gain efficiencies and cost savings when outsourcing a managed ICT service.

The framework scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Remote and on-site support service provision for proactive and reactive support, including: monitoring, incident managing, testing, fault fixing, backup and disaster recovery, data protection, patch management
  • IT asset and configuration management, release management
  • Supporting staff with new IT developments, IT procurement, service integration and management, set up and installation of IT equipment where there is an on-site requirement, advice
  • Project management and development of IT strategies and refreshment
  • Assessment of security loopholes, obsolete assets, inefficiencies
  • Making recommendations such as suggesting appropriate hardware, software, systems, service levels, maintenance, servicing
  • Consultancy design services where a solution is yet to be defined. This includes the appointment of an independent consultant who will offer objective recommendations in a final report as a result of fact-finding, data analysis, information system requirements and defining project objectives
  • Suppliers on the framework can provide support to varying extents based on your institution’s requirements and may cover the following IT areas: hardware, networks and infrastructure, telecommunications, software services

It was awarded on 7th June 2021 and runs to 6th June 2024 with a possible extension to 6th June 2025.

The framework provides added value throughout when compared to other public sector frameworks. The framework is:

Designed by experts

  • This framework has been developed by experts in the field who have many years of operational experience across a range of public sector organisations


  • The framework is compliant with The Public Contracts Regulations when it is used according to the guidance provided
  • You can be sure that our list of pre-vetted suppliers are of the highest quality and have been through a rigorous selection process in order to get on to the framework


  • A dedicated help desk service is available to users of the framework. The service helps users to use the framework and offers advice on the mini-competition process and contract management issues. In addition to the help desk, the framework has a further competition support service which can:
    • Undertake a further competition on behalf of a framework user (if the user doesn’t have the skills or the resources to undertake the further competition themselves)


  • Provide a further competition documentation review service to ensure the documentation is fit for purpose prior to commencement of the further competition

Who can use the Framework

  • Central Government, Local Government & Public Corporations
  • Local Authorities
  • Police, Fire & Rescue Services
  • NHS Bodies in the UK
  • Hospices in the UK
  • Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations)
  • Third Sector and Charities in the United Kingdom
  • Citizens Advice in the United Kingdom
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • National Parks Authorities

Supplier Directory

How can I use this Framework

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Contract Management

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