Minor Works DPS

Why buy from the Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System?

The dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is compliant with procurement regulations and is accessible to any organisation within the public sector.

Use this DPS to procure a variety of building and refurbishment works for your buildings or estate. A range of qualified and experienced construction suppliers are available on each of the 29 lots to encourage competition and enable you to demonstrate value for money.

There is a dedicated lot for each trade specialism, please see the Supplier Directory for the full range of trades and suppliers.

It was awarded on 29th October 2020 and runs to 28th October 2025.

The DPS provides added value throughout when compared to other public sector dynamic purchasing systems. The DPS is:

Designed by experts

  • This DPS has been developed by experts in the field who have many years of operational experience across a range of public sector organisations
  • It enables suppliers to join at any time so your local contractor can apply to join the DPS and once successful you can get quotes from them and other fully vetted contractors


  • You can secure value for money as it enables you to contract with multiple suppliers who are specialists across 29 building works categories
  • Using it will save you time as we have completed the supplier due diligence for you, including: financial stability checks, health & safety record & process checks, environmental management checks and quality management checks


  • The DPS is compliant with The Public Contracts Regulations when it is used according to the guidance provided
  • The process will be fully auditable as further competitions will be completed using our e-tendering platform
  • You can be sure that our list of pre-vetted suppliers are of the highest quality and have been through a rigorous selection process in order to get on to the DPS


  • A dedicated help desk service is available to users of the DPS. The service helps users to use the DPS and offers advice on the mini-competition process and contract management issues. In addition to the help desk, the DPS has a further competition support service which can:
    • Undertake a further competition on behalf of a DPS user (if the user doesn’t have the skills or the resources to undertake the further competition themselves)


  • Provide a further competition documentation review service to ensure the documentation is fit for purpose prior to commencement of the further competition

Who can use the DPS

  • Central Government, Local Government & Public Corporations
  • Local Authorities
  • Police, Fire & Rescue Services
  • NHS Bodies in the UK
  • Hospices in the UK
  • Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations)
  • Third Sector and Charities in the United Kingdom
  • Citizens Advice in the United Kingdom
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • National Parks Authorities

Supplier Directory

  • Lot 1: General Building, Construction & Maintenance (57)
  • Lot 2: Doors & Windows (38)
  • Lot 3: Electrical and Lighting (50)
  • Lot 4: Plumbing & Drains (42)
  • Lot 5: Renewables (29)
  • Lot 6: Joinery (36)
  • Lot 7: General Flooring & Screed (30)
  • Lot 8: Washroom (34)
  • Lot 9: Cladding & Insulation (25)
  • Lot 10: Plastering (22)
  • Lot 11: Rendering (20)
  • Lot 12: Adaptations (33)
  • Lot 13: Asbestos (25)
  • Lot 14: Roads, Highways & Traffic (14)
  • Lot 15: Civil Engineering & Groundworks (23)
  • Lot 16: Masonry (20)
  • Lot 17: Modular Buildings (15)
  • Lot 18: Fencing & Gates (20)
  • Lot 19: Structures (15)
  • Lot 20: Demolition (20)
  • Lot 21: Roofing (31)
  • Lot 22: Painting & Decorating (34)
  • Lot 23: Scaffolding (19)
  • Lot 24: Ceramic Tiling (25)
  • Lot 25: Internal Walls & Ceilings (33)
  • Lot 26: Curtains & Blinds (18)
  • Lot 27: Locksmiths (11)
  • Lot 28: Air Monitoring (14)
  • Lot 29: Safety Equipment (incl. Fail Arrest System) (16)

How can I use this DPS?

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Tenet are part of the CPC and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Further details are available within the User Guide.

Contract Management

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